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My Hobbies
Horses-Horses an any an all things to do with Horses
enjoy learning,an riding,training,
my disciplines are,
hunt seat
I am at this time in my life working my way up the ladder of Dressage
intro-level 1-with my Arabian-

shardar,s DE Akeem-7yr old
who also enjoys romping in the snow
I also have written a story,an I am publishing it myself-it is on sale at this time right hear,the cost $10
I will send it to you,if you love horse,si-fi.adventure,unicorns,
then this is for you WILL not find it any where but thorugh me
check it out-

title-(The Planet Of The Unicorns)
you can contact me through my e-mail on the contact page
I will be happy to send you page 1-